About Us

Welcome to Joseph Arts and Science College

Joseph arts and science college is a Christian minority educational institution,and was started in the Year 2000. It is affiliated to the Thiruvalluvar University,Vellore.It is located in the picturesque natural beauty on the banks of the river Gadilum in the National Highways Madras-Trichy, 23 Kilometres away from Villupuram

The aim of the college is to provide best education at affordable cost for the Students. The college is most useful to the poor and economically backward people of the surrounding villages. The college is dedicated to God to the training of the mind, heart and will of young students in accordance with the highest Christian ideals, thus preparing them for life and enabling them to fulfill a useful role in home and society.

The college admits students of all faiths and religions and seeks to provide For them the best possible higher education. each student is looked upon as an Individual endowed by God with certain talents, with their own character and Personality which must be developed and perfected. Joseph college looks to each of its students to uphold the standards of the college not only in the college but also outside at, not only during their student years but throughout life. The spirit of Joseph college is one of truth, purity of life, compassion, charity, Service and devotion to God and country. It is for the students to cultivate this Spirit within themselves and around them.

The college offers 12 undergraduate courses, 7 postgraduate courses besides Research programmes leading to 5 M.Phil and 5 Ph.D programmes.

The college has already established a great reputation for its high academic Standards and attracts students from all walks of life.


The Joseph college Emblem has a cross , a lamp, the holy book, a star and a dove which Reflects enlightening the young minds by spreading knowledge through education.