The training and placement cell established in our college tries to provide opportunities for the students to get into reputed industries and organizations. Our students are moulded to be generic and hence cater to any industry. High performance test-solutions fulfills the unique requirement of each student. The cell organizes training programmes like group discussions, mock-interview and personality development programmes by renowned personality development trainers and HR professionals.


The Training and Placement Cell of the college operates with the active involvement and support of all the staff members and students of the college.

The Cell held periodical meetings to chalk out programmes, guide their implementation and assess their progress and effectiveness. The cell organized innovative programmes and competitions to improve the students in the following areas.

• CV Preparation
• Aptitude Tests
• Communication Skills
• Personality Development
• Group Discussion
• Personality Development
• Interview Techniques

Future Plan

1. To further intensify the Activities to reach every student of this College from the very First Year and securing a bright future and Career pathways for 100% of Students.
2. To initiate new Techniques in developing the students to face modern methods of Personality Tests and Interviews.
3. To further upgrade the Quality of Guest lecturers on current Topics and Emerging Trends, so as to Prepare our Students as Entrepreneurs and Professionals for the Global Market.
4. To make the Department vibrant and a Hub for 'Entrepreneurship' and 'Placement'.
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